Hot Men In Hot Cars: The Mustang, the Charger, and Steve McQueen

People who love classic cars are a little Quixotic. When the newest car doesn’t even have a tailpipe, what does that say about our continuing interest in gas-guzzling, track-devouring monstrosities?

I say there’s one very good reason: the sex. Studies have shown that both men and women get a little bit… the sound of an exotic’s engine revving. Most modern cars, in the words of a  recent NYT article, are shaped like “jellybeans”. Classic cars, on the other hand, evoke whole different era of rough-and-tumble racing… and the sexy, sexy men that were often behind the wheel. James Dean, Steve McQueen, and James Bond were the original bad boys. Suits, leather jackets and smears of engine grease are what an all-American girl’s lusty dreams were made of, and they still evoke a powerful response today.

Each week I’ll be bringing you a new installment of “Hot Men in Hot Cars”. Each one is based around cars we currently have in our show room, so if you have the means, you can actually take one home!

They’re parked in our show room right now: the Pair.

'71 Mustang

…and the '68 Dodge Hemi Charger.

They’re not the same ones that were used in the movie, obviously. But each one has their own charm. The Dodge is a true Hemi, not a clone, and the Mustang, though it’s had its engine rebuilt, runs like a dream. Even sitting still they evoke the brute force and snarling speeds that can only come from a combustion engine. And one of the hottest men to ever drive these monsters: Steve McQueen.

McQueen has a kind of masculenity you don’t see much of anymore. To my born-in-the-80s eyes he looks an awful lot like Daniel Craig, but this bad boy did far more during his rough-and-tumble career than Danny Boy’s yet managed. He performed many of his own stunts—but when he didn’t, he gave his fellow stuntman Bud Ekins full credit. Rugged, capable, and also kind (he kept ties with his old reform school all his life and often secured donations for it in exhange for film work), McQueen seems to have embodied the best aspects of old-time chivalry in a way that’s rare for any age.

And he was totally hot. If you like that slightly beat up, sun and dust and leather kind of look.

Photo via The First Steve McQueen Site

I like how he has a gun and spurs while he’s working on a car. Total cowboy, but with an iron horse!

I say it’s time Bullitt got a remake. You take the Mustang, Mr. Craig, and I’ll be right behind you.